UAE mortgages for non-residents

Buy properties in UAE from anywhere in the world

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Investor visas for non-residents


A residence visa for non-residents who invest in the UAE economy


Stay in the UAE for 3, 5 or 10 years as are sident (extendible)


Apply for the visa and invest a specific amount of capital in the UAE economy

Types of investor visas Real Estate Option Capital Markets Option
3-year investor visa Invest AED 750k in UAE property Invest AED 70k in UAE listed shares
5-year investor visa Invest AED 2m in UAE property Invest AED 500k in a UAE business as capital
10-year investor visa Invest AED 10m in UAE property Invest AED 10m in a UAE investment fund or company

Tax benefits for non-residents

No income tax in the UAE

No social security tax for non-residents

  • GCC nationals pay 17.5%, UAE nationals pay 5% of income

45 tax-free zones for businesses in the UAE

No social security tax for non-residents

  • Around 4% of the property value usually split between the buyer and seller
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No Stamp duty in the UAE

Value-Added Tax

  • GCC nationals pay 17.5%, UAE nationals pay 5%of income
  • Otherwise, 5% VAT is required on exchange ofservices and goods

Municipality / Rental tax

  • Dubai: 5% of annual rent for residential tenants,10% for commercial
  • Abu Dhabi: 3% of annual rent for expats andnon-residents
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UAE residency requirements

Investor visa
  • Get a visa based on investment capital (3, 5 or 10 years - renewable)
Real estate visa
  • Purchase a UAE property valued at AED 1 million or more
Employment visa
  • Employer dependent visa (1 or 2 years - renewable)
UAE golden visa*
  • Business owners, CEOs, field professionals, investors (5 to 10 years - renewable)
Retirement visa
(5 years - renewable) Persons over the age of 55 who have one of the following:
  • AED 20,000 per month active income
  • AED 1 milion in savings
  • AED 2 milion in property investment

Why buy in Dubai?

Connecting continents

At the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, UAE acts as a connecting link between the 3 continents and their multitudes of cultures

Welcoming and inclusive

Family friendly and inclusive of over 200 nationalities from all over the world, welcoming diversity and cooperation

High-standard living

Thriving communities with an international education system, world-class healthcare and public amenities

Efficient economy

Stable currency, no income taxes, and VAT-free residential properties for investors

Current bank interest rates in UAE

Bank Published banks interest rate Down payment Repayment period Installment for USD 500,000 loan amount
First Abu Dhabi Bank 4.24% from 20% up to 25 years AED 2,706
Emirates NBD 4.79% from 20% up to 25 years AED 2,862
Mashreq 4.99% from 20% up to 25 years AED 2,920
Dubai Islamic Bank 4.74% from 20%