Sky Tower

Basic information

Tiger Group
Number of storeys: 122
Launch date: May 2024
Handover date: December 2029


Tiger Sky Tower at Business Bay, developed by Tiger Properties, is set to become a distinguished feature of Dubai's celebrated skyline. This architectural marvel, rising to 122 storeys, offers a range of premium branded residences, including 1 to 4-bedroom apartments, penthouses, and an exclusive royal sky penthouse. The tower, with its gleaming golden facade, epitomizes a blend of contemporary architectural innovation and traditional Emirati cultural heritage, characterized by its sleek design and towering stature. This newly launched edifice is poised to redefine luxury living in Dubai's vibrant heart.

Strategically located in Business Bay, the tower provides residents with unparalleled access to Dubai’s key landmarks, commercial centers, and leisure attractions. The meticulously planned surroundings are designed to enhance the urban living experience, featuring amenities such as serene rooftop gardens, jogging tracks, and cutting-edge fitness facilities. This strategic positioning combines the convenience of urban living with the exclusivity of a premier address.

Tiger Sky Tower's distinctive features extend beyond its impressive height of 447 meters. It hosts the highest residential rainforest globally, offering an exceptional living environment amidst lush greenery. Additionally, the world's highest infinity pool at 431 meters provides panoramic views of Dubai’s dynamic skyline, while the 439-meter high restaurant sets new standards for fine dining. These extraordinary amenities not only enhance the living experience but also establish the tower as a landmark destination, seamlessly integrating luxury with nature.

The interior design of the tower showcases premium materials, with each unit equipped with high-end Candy brand appliances, ensuring the pinnacle of home living standards. The penthouses, available in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, and French styles, offer residents the opportunity to personalize their living spaces, reflecting their individual tastes and cultural preferences. This attention to detail and customization underscores the commitment to providing a bespoke living environment, adhering to the highest standards of luxury and comfort.


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