Basic information

Total number of units: 451
Hotel or service apartment: Yes
Available structures:

1 Bed

Launch date: September 2022


Welcome to Portofino Hotel, where guests are treated like royalty and nothing is spared to make guests feel special at any time of day or night during their stay. The Portofino is an exclusive one of a kind 5-star deluxe family hotel, created with the needs of families in mind. The Portofino will be the first family hotel in the region to cater specifically for adults and children and offers a wide variety of quality children’s facilities, including outdoor water related entertainment, a variety of lagoon inspired swimming pools, tailor-made clubs for different age groups and much more.

The Portofino Hotel will have its own beautiful and fully serviced private marina where visitors and guests can dock their boats and yachts. The hotel will be managed by one of the world’s leading family hotel operators and will offer the ultimate in European hospitality and entertainment. The Portofino will have around 450 amazing suites with Princess, Queen and Royal suites to choose from. All quarters will be graced with sea views and suites on the upper floors will have their own private rooftop plunge pools.


Payment plan

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Available units

Apartment number Bedroom Size Price
THOE2-PF-3055A 1 709 ft2 AED 3,284,604
THOE2-PF-3053A 1 649 ft2 AED 3,005,487
THOE2-PF-1012 1 986 ft2 AED 4,141,088
THOE2-PF-4054 1 706 ft2 AED 3,433,133
THOE2-PF-4058 1 853 ft2 AED 4,144,881
THOE2-PF-4071 1 652 ft2 AED 3,171,462
THOE2-PF-1070A 1 878 ft2 AED 3,689,004
THOE2-PF-1085 1 651 ft2 AED 2,735,107
THOE2-PF-1097 1 780 ft2 AED 3,277,608
THOE2-PF-2106 1 762 ft2 AED 3,360,791
THOE2-PF-4064 1 654 ft2 AED 3,181,929

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