Cavalli Couture

Basic information

Total number of units: 70
Number of storeys: 12
Available structures:

3 Bed

4 Bed

5 Bed

Launch date: November 2022
Handover date: May 2026


Cavalli Couture is more than a place to live. It is a way of life, inspired by one of our most majestic natural environments: Amazonia. Rich in greenery and water features, this landmark gives those at the apex of society the opportunity to experience the wonders of the rainforest, right here in Dubai.
Nestled on the banks of Dubai Canal at Safa Park is Cavalli Couture, a collection of designer 3 to 5-bedroom apartments and 6-bedroom penthouses featuring interiors by Cavalli and opening out to dramatic views of Safa Park, Dubai Canal, Business Bay and the placid waters of the Gulf.
Cavalli Couture is hidden away inside Safa Park by the banks of Dubai Canal, with seamless access to Al Wasl Road and Sheikh Zayed Road. Opening onto scenic views of Dubai Canal, Safa Park and the sea, Cavalli Couture is surrounded by Dubai's most sought-after neighborhoods such as the iconic Burj area with its world-renowned landmarks, Business Bay and the timeless community of Jumeira.
All units at Cavalli Couture are super luxury, and distinguished by the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Each of its homes lays claim to a terrace with a personal pool and unbroken views of the Dubai Canal, plus access to the rooftop infinity pool and recreation zone, where the finer things in life can be appreciated, from sunrise to sunset.
From the reception and podium to the terraces and rooftop, Cavalli Couture has been designed to optimize space in ways which remind you of openings in a forest, where dense foliage gives way to sunlit groves, and the canopy above your head parts to reveal a cloudless sky.


balcony Balcony
central_ac Central A/C
play_area_for_children Children's Play Area
covered_parking Covered Parking
elevator Elevator
landscaped_area Landscaped area
shared_gym Shared Gym
shared_pool Shared Pool
shared_spa Shared Spa
view_of_landmark View of Landmark
view_of_sea_or_water View of Sea/Water
restaurant Restaurant


Payment plan

20% immediate deposit
4% within 3 months of the sale date
4% within 6 months of the sale date
4% within 9 months of the sale date
4% within 12 months of the sale date
4% within 15 months of the sale date
5% within 18 months of the sale date
5% within 21 months of the sale date
5% within 24 months of the sale date
5% within 27 months of the sale date
5% within 30 months of the sale date
5% within 33 months of the sale date
30% on completion

Available units

Apartment number Bedroom Size Price
CCA/3/302 3 3,960 ft2 AED 22,452,000
CCA/4/402 3 4,040 ft2 AED 22,658,000
CCA/4/401 3 4,018 ft2 AED 22,143,000
CCA/4/403 3 4,113 ft2 AED 22,204,000
CCB/4/404 3 4,414 ft2 AED 24,212,000
CCB/4/401 3 4,398 ft2 AED 24,513,000
CCA/5/504 3 4,294 ft2 AED 24,319,000
CCB/5/502 3 3,880 ft2 AED 21,744,000
CCA/7/702 4 5,431 ft2 AED 28,232,000
CCA/7/701 4 4,951 ft2 AED 28,189,000
CCA/8/802 4 5,050 ft2 AED 27,234,000
CCA/9/902 4 5,144 ft2 AED 27,712,000
CCB/8/801 4 5,819 ft2 AED 30,790,000
CCB/5/501 3 6,632 ft2 AED 30,431,000
CCB/7/701 4 6,829 ft2 AED 32,911,000
CCB/11/1102 3 3,975 ft2 AED 22,059,000
CCA/11/1103 3 4,132 ft2 AED 22,380,000
CCA/11/1101 3 4,014 ft2 AED 22,455,000
CCA/13/1302 5 7,929 ft2 AED 43,533,000
CCA/2/202 3 4,153 ft2 AED 22,840,000
CCA/2/201 3 4,009 ft2 AED 22,077,000
CCB/2/202 3 3,851 ft2 AED 21,617,000
CCA/2/204 3 4,530 ft2 AED 24,732,000
CCA/13/1301 5 7,898 ft2 AED 41,438,000
CCA/12/1202 3 3,958 ft2 AED 22,641,000
CCB/13/1303 5 7,761 ft2 AED 41,965,000
CCB/13/1304 5 9,359 ft2 AED 46,073,000
CCA/13/1304 5 9,994 ft2 AED 51,792,000
CCB/15/1501 5 11,595 ft2 AED 57,057,000

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