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Title deeds in Dubai: everything you need to know

The title deed is one of the most critical documents when buying a property, the only and final paper that confirms legal ownership of your property in Dubai. But, what is a title deed? How does a title deed work? Where do you get one? Here's all you need to know about title deeds in Dubai.

The property buying process in Dubai 

The process of buying a property in Dubai is quite straightforward, but there are a few things you need to know so that your purchase goes as smoothly as possible. After you’ve found a property, done your due diligence, concluded a contract of sale with the seller (outlining all terms, conditions, rights and obligations), acquired the NOC - No-objection certificate (meeting with the seller at the developer’s office to get a confirmation that the transfer of ownership is possible and that there are no outstanding payments due), you can then proceed to the Title Deed.

To complete the purchase transaction, you must legally register the transfer of the property ownership, which basically means that you need to apply for the transfer of ownership, and once the application is approved, the Dubai Land Department issues the title deed for your newly purchased property. 

Title Deeds in Dubai

A title deed provides conclusive proof that you own the property after the purchase - it’s a document that legally confirms your claim over that property and your right to use it, mortgage it, sell it, or lease it. If you own the property outright, the Title Deed will be in your name. However, if you buy the property through a mortgage, you’ll be in possession of a copy and the original Title Deed will be held by the bank until the full loan amount is settled.

Information found on a title deed in Dubai includes:

  • description of the property with its type, size, location, boundaries, etc. 

  • name and ID number of the property’s legal owner

  • most recent transfer date, issue date  

  • purchase price

  • factors making the property difficult to sell or restricting the purchase, if any 

  • official seal of the Deeds Registry Office.

Should you ever question the authenticity of a title deed, you can easily and instantly verify and validate it on the Dubai Land Department website or the Dubai Rest App (Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS).

Screenshot of the Title Deed Verification service portal on the Dubai Land Department official website. Considering that both ready and off-plan properties can be purchased in Dubai, the terms referring to the title deeds differ. When purchasing a completed property directly from the developer, you as a buyer immediately receive the regular title deed in your name.

On the other hand, when buying an off-plan property, a property that is being planned or under construction, then you obtain an Oqood (issued by RERA - Real Estate Regulatory Authority), a document which guarantees that the property being constructed is in your name. As soon as the construction is complete, the Oqood automatically becomes a title deed.

Lastly, in case you want to buy a fraction of a unit, either half or quarter to be exact, then you obtain a fractional title deed, which divides a single unit effectively so that each fraction has its own title deed. 

How to transfer a title deed

Knowing the terminology, you’re probably curious about how to transfer your title deed, where you go to do it, what documents you need, and what fees you have to pay. You can find all the details below, so keep reading.

Who transfers the title deed and where?

The buyer finalizes the transfer of ownership in person at the Dubai Land Department (Main Office), a government organization that manages all real estate matters in Dubai. The service is called Request for Transfer of Ownership (part of the Sale Registration or Mortgage Registration services, or separately) and it enables customers to apply to transfer the ownership of a property from the seller to his/her name. 

Required documents

The documents you need to submit the application are the following:

  • Letter from the transferor

  • The owner's Emirates ID Card, or Power of Attorney (if unable to do it in person)

  • Copies of Valid Passports (non-residents)


Here is the step-by-step guide for what to do at the DLD Service Center (service time - 25 minutes):

  1. Visit the Happiness Center in Dubai Land Department - Main Office 
    Location: Dubai Land Department, Baniyas Road P.O.Box: Dubai 1166 Makani: 30404 94991 United Arab Emirates
    Working Hours: Monday till Thursday from 7:30 am until 3:30 pm, Friday from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm

  2. Submit the required documents (completed) to the employee 

  3. Wait for the transaction data to be entered into the system

  4. Pay the fees and receive a receipt of payment

  5. Wait for the transaction to be verified by the employee

  6. Receive a link via email that contains the title deed and map

Note. Processing time for a regular application is 30 days from the date of application. For urgent applications, the processing time is 3 days from the date of application. 

Fees and payment methods

In addition to paying property transfer and registration fees to DLD, the title deed issuance fees include the following:

  • AED 250 per Title Deed

  • AED 100 Land Map Fees for lands that are not subject to the authority of Dubai Municipality

  • AED 325 Land Map Fees for the unified map with Dubai Municipality

  • AED 250 apartment map or villa map

  • AED 10 Knowledge Fees for each fee

  • AED 10 Innovation Fees for each fee

Payment can be made by:

  • Cash

  • Cheque

  • Debit or Credit Card

  • ePay

Going forward

A view of Dubai showing skyscrapers, the gulf, and the Burj Al Arab building. With this information, you now have a better understanding of Dubai title deeds and their importance in the property-buying process. In case you do need more information, for example, about the DLD’s role in property buying and more, click here

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