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Salary certificate and pay slips for mortgage in Dubai, UAE

A salary certificate and pay slips are among the most important documents you need to provide when applying for a mortgage in Dubai, UAE. 

Salary Certificate

What is a salary certificate in the UAE?

A salary certificate is a document that an employer issues, upon an employee’s request, that serves as proof of employment and includes all relevant details about the employee and their salary. In most cases, the salary certificate is printed on the company's letterhead and signed and sealed by the authorized personnel.

Why do banks ask for a salary certificate in the UAE?

A salary certificate is mandatory if you plan to apply for one of the following bank products/services:

  • Credit card

  • Mortgage loan

  • Personal loan

  • Car loan

  • Any other type of loan

By providing a salary certificate when applying for a mortgage loan for a property in Dubai, the bank is able to evaluate your income and determine your ability to repay it. Without a salary certificate, no Dubai bank will process your mortgage application.

In addition to the salary certificate, you will most likely need to submit a valid passport/ID, valid visa, pay slips and bank statements for the previous months. To know more about which other documents you need when applying for a mortgage loan in the UAE, read our blog Mortgage documents in the UAE

What does a salary certificate in the UAE look like?

The format of a salary certificate varies – it doesn’t have a fixed format and different organizations use different templates. However, the information that needs to be included in the salary certificate is the following: 

  • Date of issue

  • Employee name

  • Employee position

  • Job description

  • Start date of your work

  • Gross and net salary

  • Benefits (housing, rent, transportation, utilities, and others)

  • Refunds

  • Signature and contact information of the official

Salary certificate sample

Typical salary certificates in the UAE look like this:

A sample of a salary certificate in the UAE.

Salary slip or pay slip

What is a salary pay slip?

For personal loans, credit cards, mortgage loans, etc., you may also need pay slips in addition to the salary certificate. This pay slip (or salary slip) is the legal document that breaks down the employee’s salary. The company provides its employees with a pay slip, either a hard copy or an electronic format, along with each salary payment.  In other words, it contains all the information about the payment, such as the net salary and any deductions made.

Why do banks ask for a salary or pay slip in the UAE?

While the salary certificate gives proof of employment and salary, the salary certificate in combination with the pay slips gives a complete picture of the employee’s financial standing. When applying for a mortgage loan in the UAE, the banks usually require pay slips and bank statements for the past three to six months. 

What does a salary or pay slip in the UAE look like?

Despite the wide variety of formats available for salary pay slips, some information must be included:

  • Date

  • Employee name

  • Company name

  • Employee designation

  • Bank name

  • Bank account number

  • Gross pay

  • Net pay

  • Payroll number

  • Tax code

  • Sick pay and leaves

  • Pension contribution

  • Other benefits, bonuses, company perks, health insurance, etc

Salary or pay slip sample

Typical salary or pay slips in the UAE look like this:

A sample of the salary pay slip in the UAE.

Next steps

Salary certificates and pay slips are pretty straightforward documents in the UAE. It was our goal to make them as simple as possible so that you will be well-prepared once you begin the mortgage application process. 

Should you have any questions or need assistance in collecting all the relevant mortgage documents, feel free to contact our experienced mortgage advisers and they’ll be more than happy to help. 

We can also help with finding and choosing the right property for you. Browse through our search portal with more than 5,000 apartments in Dubai, both completed and off-plan. Lastly, if you wish to learn more about specific real estate and mortgage topics, visit our blogs section.

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