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Residency by investment - Dubai Golden Visa

Did you know that you can obtain residency by investing in Dubai? Learn more about the Dubai Golden Visa and find out what it takes to get one.‍

Aside from being one of the world's top travel destinations, the government’s investor-friendly policies and favorable business conditions have helped Dubai become the region's business, financial, and commercial center. 

With 90% of the city’s population being foreign, as well as a no-tax policy, an active international business scene, and support for startups, etc., Dubai is the perfect place to live and do business. Now offering a unique investment-driven visa program, Dubai is encouraging and fostering foreign investment, allowing investors to legally reside in the UAE and build a secure future for their families and businesses.

One of the ways to secure a long-term residence visa in Dubai is the so-called Golden Visa and the easiest way to obtain it is through property investment. Here’s everything you need to know about residency by investment, the Golden Visa, benefits, eligibility, application process, documentation, fees, and more.

What is “residency by investment”?

Some countries offer permanent residence permits to individuals who invest in their economy. These processes are known as Residency by Investment Schemes, and they bring much-needed foreign investment to the country, which further boosts its growth.

A scheme like this offers benefits not only to the country that offers it but also to its investors. According to Arton Capital, some of the benefits are as follows:

#1 Security – living and working in a politically and economically stable country
#2 Global Mobility – freedom to travel abroad without restrictions and spending time filing visa applications
#3 Business – developing opportunities for new business, growth and innovation
#4 Tax Management – different countries have different tax rates and offer many advantages for tax and wealth management
#5 Family – quite often, family members (spouses and children) are included in these schemes.

a) General requirements and conditions

Applicants for residency by investment must fulfill specific requirements which vary from country to country. However, some requirements are common to most countries and include:

  • Clean criminal record

  • Sufficient financial resources (acquired legally)

  • Investment in business, real estate, bonds, etc.

b) Why invest in Dubai?

In terms of foreign direct investment, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most active regions. It has become the government’s top priority to implement foreigner-friendly reforms and to attract investors and tourists. As one of the world's fastest-growing cities, there is no better place to invest in a business or in real estate than Dubai.

What does Dubai offer as opposed to other countries?

  • Foreigners can establish companies with 100% full ownership

  • The property market is one of the hottest in the world

  • The UAE is a tax-free region (no income or corporate taxes)

  • Sponsorship is not required

  • Visas are automatically extended and renewed

What is the Dubai Golden Visa?

In different countries, investor and golden visas are offered in different ways. Because Dubai's population is almost 90% foreigners and expats, Dubai has flexible, investor and family-friendly visa programs. One such program is the Golden Visa, launched in 2019, which offers long-term residency visas for a wide range of individuals.

In the UAE, the Golden visa allows foreigners to live, work, and study in the country for up to 10 years. Individuals that are eligible for the Golden Visa include:

  • real estate investors,

  • entrepreneurs,

  • exceptional talents,

  • scientists and professionals, 

  • outstanding students and graduates,

  • humanitarian pioneers, and 

  • frontline heroes.

An overview of beneficiaries, benefits and requirements for obtaining a Golden Visa in the UAE.

a) What are the benefits/advantages?

The United Arab Emirates' Government portal outlines the following benefits for Golden Visa holders in accordance with the latest rules (3 October 2022):

  • multiple entry visa for six months as a first step in the process of obtaining residency

  • residency visas are long-term, renewable visas valid for 10 years

  • the visa is a self-sponsored visa, an employment sponsor is not required

  • the residence visa holder may stay outside the UAE for longer than the normal six-month restriction in order to maintain the validity of the visa and residence status

  • family members (spouses and children), regardless of their age, can be sponsored

  • an unlimited number of domestic helpers can be sponsored as well

  • in the event of the death of the primary holder of the Golden visa, family members are allowed to stay in the UAE for the duration of their permit.

The Government of Dubai has recently announced that those who hold a Golden Visa in Dubai will receive the coveted Esaad privilege card (issued by the Dubai police). With the aim of enhancing the quality of life in Dubai, The Esaad card offers exclusive discounts and privileges in healthcare, education, hospitality, entertainment, real estate and restaurants at 7,237 brands and businesses within the UAE and across 92 countries worldwide.

b) What are the eligibility criteria for a Golden Visa in Dubai?

Eligibility criteria for Dubai Golden Visa have been simplified, and the most recent rules expanded the categories of people eligible to apply for the long-term 10-year visa, provided they meet certain parameters:

Real Estate Investors

  1. purchase a property worth at least AED 2,000,000 ($544,500) in any of the freehold zones

  2. purchase a property with a loan (from specific local banks only)

  3. purchase one or more off-plan properties worth at least AED 2,000,000 ($544,500) (from approved local real estate companies only)


  1. become the owner or the partner in a start-up company, registered in the UAE as an SME (small and medium enterprise), that generates at least AED 1,000,000 ($272,250) revenue annually

  2. obtain approval for a start-up idea from an official business incubator, Ministry of Economy or other competent local authorities

  3. have sold your own entrepreneurial project for the total amount of at least AED 7,000,000 ($1,900,000)

Below, we’re focusing on Dubai Golden Visa details specific to investors in real estate. If you fall under another category (exceptional talents, renowned scientists and skilled professionals, outstanding students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers or frontline heroes (crises, COVID-19), click here for more information and find out if you meet the eligibility criteria.

c) How to get a Golden Visa in Dubai if you're a real estate investor?

In order to apply for the visa, property investors who meet the eligibility criteria can submit an online application (through the ICP website or Dubai Smart App) or visit an AMER center.

#1 Online Application – ICP

  • Download the UAEICP app or visit the ICP website

  • Find the ‘Services’ section

  • Click on ‘Golden Visa’

  • Select ‘Start Service’ under Investors

  • Select ‘Visa to Finalize the Procedures of Golden Residency’

  • Submit all the required documents and information

  • Pay the service fee

  • Wait for review and notifications.

Golden Residency Services portal on the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship, Customs and Port Security’s website.

#2 Online Application GDRFA – Dubai Smart App

  • Open the GDRFA Dubai Smart Application

  • Register a new user account or sign in with an existing account

  • Select the required service, i.e., Golden Visa and then ‘Investor Residency Visa/Golden Visa’

  • Submit all the required documents and information

  • Pay the service fee

  • Wait for review and notifications.

#3 In-person - Amer Centre

  • Visit any nearest service branch of Amer Centre

  • Select the required service at the reception counter

  • Submit documents to the service employee

  • Pay the service fee

  • Wait for review and notifications.

d) What documents are required for an investor to obtain a Golden Visa?

  • Passport / entry visa copy (if applicable)

  • An electronic copy of the Title Deed Certificate

  • Personal Photo (colored)

  • Valid health insurance

  • Fully filled Emirates ID application form (processed as soon as the visa is issued)

Note. Documents in foreign languages must be attested and translated into Arabic by a certified translator.

e) What are the fees and costs for obtaining a Dubai Golden Visa?

In general, UAE Golden Visa costs vary based on the type of service, visa category and the location of the applicant. As part of the application process, the applicant must also pay for a medical examination, UAE health insurance and an Emirates ID processing fee. These costs are summarized in the table below.



Visa application from within the UAE

AED 2,800 (≈$760) - AED 3,800 (≈$1,000)

Visa application from outside the UAE

AED 3,800 (≈$1,000) - AED 4,800 (≈$1,300)

Medical Examination

AED 1,000 (≈$270)

Emirates ID

AED 1,000 (≈$270)

UAE Health Insurance

starting at AED 800 (≈$210); varies based on the level of coverage

Please note this contact information if you require more details:

Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) or the UAE’s embassies and consulates.‍ The Amer service - the toll-free number 800-5111 (for those living in the UAE) or +9714-313-9999 (if calling from abroad).

Going forward

Now that you’ve learned all about the Golden Visa in Dubai, let us move to the property-buying part of the process. If you fall under the real estate investor eligibility category, we can help you find and buy a property in Dubai.

If you haven't found a specific property yet, visit our properties page and take a look at a wide variety of deluxe buildings, villas, and apartments in Dubai.

As you can obtain the Golden Visa even if you purchase a property with a mortgage, we can also help you find the most favorable mortgage options. Check out the pages below and decide which option is best for you, or you can use our mortgage calculator to estimate the total loan amount and monthly payments.

Kredium UAE mortgage calculator that shows amounts, interest rates, tenure, etc., depending on the property size and price.In addition, our team can also assist you with the application for the Golden Visa from start to finish. Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email, and we'll simplify the process for you and ensure successful completion by:

  1. providing accurate and clear information, 

  2. providing guidance and support,

  3. handling documentation, 

  4. submitting the application, and

  5. obtaining approval.

We're always here to help, so if you need anything else, please let us know.

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