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NOC - No Objection Certificate in the UAE

NOCs or No-Objection Certificates (also referred to as No-Objection Letters) are quite common in the UAE. They are prevalent in many sectors, but in general, as a legal document or a formal letter, issued by an organization or individual, their purpose is to state that there are no objections to the points made within the document.

NOCs may be required for various activities, for instance, starting a business in the UAE,  renewing your business license, starting a new job in the UAE, opening a bank account in the UAE, obtaining a UAE driving license, buying a new car, etc. However, in UAE real estate and as part of the property buying process, NOCs play a vital role - without them, a real estate transaction cannot be fully completed. Discover their exact role in the following paragraphs.

NOCs in UAE real estate

To ensure that a property being sold is free of legal issues, a buyer must obtain an NOC from an authority or previous owner (in case you’re buying on the secondary market). In the UAE, an NOC is normally required from the developer (for off-plan properties, those still under construction) as proof of clear title on the property and that all utility bills have been paid. The NOC signifies that the developer is not opposed to you purchasing the property from them and certifies that transfer of ownership is possible and that there are no outstanding payments due. 

This certificate is quite straightforward, it isn't long or complex, rather it simply and concisely states all that is necessary. It should still include important information such as a date, official letterhead, address, names, and any other details that may be needed.

For a long time, NOC applications were made only in person by visiting the developer's office. Dubai property investors will no longer be required to apply for a no-objection certificate (NOC) at a developer's office - no-objection certificates can now be acquired electronically. Due to the emirate's strategy of going paperless, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) has introduced the ability for investors to apply for an NOC through its Dubai REST mobile application (app). As soon as the developer issues the NOC, a property transfer takes place at a RERA-approved property registration trustee's office

To sum up

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