Floating seahorse villas in Dubai

What are floating villas called in Dubai? 

In Dubai, the floating villas are commonly referred to as "Floating Seahorse Villas." As part of their "Heart of Europe" project, the company Kleindienst developed 131 luxurious structures.The project will encompass an area of 4,004 sq. ft. (371.9 sq. m.), weigh 400 tons and range from 860 sq.ft. to 2458 sq.ft.These opulent residences have come to symbolize a life of luxury in Dubai.

A total of 5,000 hours were dedicated to researching and developing the project, while an additional 13,000 hours were invested in the design and engineering process. Construction on the first units began in late 2016.Thanks to the durable waterproof concrete mix developed by Kleindienst Group, the Floating Seahorse villas come with a 100-year warranty.

The Floating Seahorse Dubai is an exclusive real estate development situated in the World Islands, Dubai. It is four kilometers away from Dubai’s coastline.This project boasts cutting-edge facilities and luxurious amenities, making it a prime destination for buyers. Here is a comprehensive guide to all you need to know about this prestigious property venture in Dubai.

All about floating seahorse villas in Dubai 

The price range of floating seahorse villas in Dubai 

Potential buyers have the opportunity to acquire a villa within a price bracket ranging from AED 16 million to AED 23 million. It is expected that the first villa will be open by the end of the year. 

Architecture of floating seahorse villas

The project took inspiration from the design of a private yacht, specifically a boat without propulsion. The floating villas feature three distinct levels, including an underwater level for the bedroom, an en-suite bathroom and a sitting area, sea level for the living room, kitchen, and sun duck, and an upper deck that serves as an al fresco lounge room and a snack bar, balcony, as well as a Jacuzzi. The master bedroom and bathroom will be completely submerged underwater, offering breathtaking views of the coral reef and marine wildlife.

Children sitting on a bad in an underwater badroomFacilities in floating seahorse villas 

Sewage tanks: Each villa will be equipped with sewage tanks to ensure that contaminated water is contained and does not escape into the sea. The villas will not have engines; instead, boats will tow them from the marina to dock at different locations.

Motion Sickness Limitation System: A stabilization system will be installed beneath the villas. This system can accommodate up to 25 people inside the villa and helps mitigate the effects of weight shifts and minimize motion.

Transparent Glass Partitions: The lower level of the villa features 25 square meters of acrylic glass walls, allowing for an unobstructed view of the coral garden. Additionally, the basement level is designed in a way that eliminates the need for regulating air pressure.

Amenities in floating seahorse villas 

The villas are mainly available in a 1 to 4-bedroom layout. It can accommodate a maximum of eight individuals.

Here is what you can expect to find in floating villas in Dubai: 

  • bedrooms

  • a living room

  • a microwave

  • an oven

  • a dishwasher 

  • a fridge

  • LED lighting

  • an equipped kitchen

  • two bathrooms

  • Jacuzzi

  • floor-to-ceiling glass walls

  • internet

In addition to this, each villa will come with its own private butler service and 24-hour audio-visual security. Also, nightclubs will be open 24/7. 

The underwater bedroom in floating seahorse villas 

The most distinctive aspect of the Floating Seahorse is that it offers more than just a bed and three closets. It also houses a coral nursery being developed by marine biologists. Moreover, you can expect frequent visits from schools of fish.

A woman with children in an underwater badroom.

Temperature in floating seahorse villas

Even though the temperatures can soar to 48°C, the developers assure that you will experience a variety of weather conditions throughout the year, including snow, rain, hail, and sunshine all year. This is made possible by controlling the streets to simulate the weather conditions of Europe.

Food and drink in floating seahorse villas

The Heart of Europe aims to showcase a diverse range of cuisines, representing 51 countries, with authentic restaurants from each nation. Additionally, the waiting staff and ushers will be exclusively recruited from their respective home countries, adding to the authentic experience.

How to reach floating seahorse villas in Dubai?

As you can assume, given the remote location of the villa community, conventional modes of transportation are unavailable. However, visitors can access St. Petersburg Island by a seaplane, a helicopter, or a boat. From there, using floating piers, they can easily access the Floating Seahorse in Dubai.  

Going forward

This blog comprehensively covered all the necessary information regarding the floating seahorse villas in Dubai.The introduction of floating villas would enhance market diversity by introducing a new category of properties.With floating seahorse villas, Dubai has the opportunity to strengthen its reputation as a leading global luxury destination

If you are interested in purchasing a floating seahorse villa in Dubai, don’t hesitate to contact us today. If, however, you are interested in purchasing more traditional properties, you can contact us as well and we will promptly assist you. Register on our website to start receiving expert guidance and support. 

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